Zoho CRM can show you why you won or lost a sale

Zoho CRM can show you why some reps succeed and others fail

Most of our Zoho CRM customers can easily make a link between sales results and lead sources. From this connection they find it relatively easy to identify the most effective way to advertise and bring business in.

The following questions remain more difficult to answer:

Why did we win this sale? Or why did we lose this sale? How can we minimize the loss of good leads?

Added to these questions is the often wide disparity between the performances of different sales reps.

However in some industries the performance of sales reps can be analyzed and predicted with Zoho CRM. If you operate in such an industry there is good news; guidance can be provided to reps to really improve their performance, especially when it comes to helping reps minimize the loss of quality leads. You can bring performance up to a point where if a quality lead is engaged by a good rep, the likelihood of a sale is very high.

One industry where Zoho CRM is particularly useful is automotive sales. In an industry like this we can ask the following question:

Is there any causation between a sales person’s activity and the outcome of the sale?

The parameters we then need to monitor with Zoho CRM are the rep’s activity, the activities repetition, and the timing of the activity in relation to the outcome of the sale.

To shed light on these dimensions of business activity a company needs to use Zoho CRM to generate the following reports:

  1. All the activity types for sales won and lost
  2. All the activity types and repetition for won and lost
  3. All the activity types, repetition and timing for won and lost

By drilling into these Zoho CRM reports a business can begin to identify the activities that are helping salespeople succeed in the sales process

A business will be able to see in good resolution the differ between dealerships, salespeople and be able to provide feedback to improve performance.

This is one of the ways that we can use Zoho CRM to help make data meaningful to your business, and as a result, allow you to steer your team to success.