Can Zoho SalesIQ be the bridge between Marketing and Sales?

Lumen business Zoho SalesIQ

Customers often require a unique link between their CRM and website to gather customer insights and understand their buying behaviour Over the past 12 years, Lumen has helped hundreds of enterprise customers implement Zoho CRM, and one of the challenges they commonly face is how to effectively connect their marketing and sales departments. As experts … Read more

ChatGPT with Zoho Desk

ChatGPT for help Desk by lumen business

We are the first Zoho partner to integrate ChatGPT with Zoho Desk Our extensive experience with APIs and specialization in AI, database development, and analytics paid off. Over the years, we have worked with many technology-based customers and helped them with Zoho Desk implementation Lumen is the largest Zoho API developer in NZ and AU with more than 42 API … Read more

3 common mistakes organisations are doing with their sales process

3 selling mistake with Zoho CRM implementation

Are you aware you are making these 3 typical sales process mistakes? As someone who has worked with countless CRM systems, I’ve seen first-hand how organizations can make common mistakes with their sales process. While a new CRM system can certainly bring benefits and efficiencies, it’s important to remember that the system will only reflect what the organization … Read more

What is the difference between Market Intelligence and Marketing Intelligence?

The scope of Market Intelligence In our opinion Market Intelligence is a more strategic understanding of the market, it includes a market understanding of your: Customers, Suppliers -supply chain, External factors could affect your business, Technology scouting And it is including a competitive understanding of your Competitors: Organisations Changes Strategy HR The process is based on analysing … Read more

Integrate the following sales techniques into a Zoho CRM implementation: BANT, SPIN, GAP, Challenger, MEDDIC, and Sandler.

sales methodologies, BANT, SPIN, GAP, Challenger, MEDDIC and Sandler to Zoho CRM implementation

We are pleased to announce that Lumen Business is the first Zoho partner worldwide to integrate the following sales techniques into a Zoho CRM implementation: BANT, SPIN, GAP, Challenger, MEDDIC, and Sandler. Integrate the following sales techniques into a Zoho CRM implementation: BANT, SPIN, GAP, Challenger, MEDDIC, and Sandler. By offering this service worldwide. Lumen Business … Read more

Am I using my Zoho CRM to its full potential?

Lumen Zoho CRM

Maximizing the Potential of Your Zoho CRM: A Guide to Making the Most of Your Investment   Zoho CRM is a powerful tool for managing customer relationships, but are you using it to its full potential? Here are a few questions to help you evaluate your implementation and make sure you’re getting the most out of … Read more

AI ChatGPT vs Google

Lumen Zoho CRM AI

AIChatGPT vs. Google Recently Google went into code red because of ChatGPT; in the last few years, anyone in the computer industry has seen the investment that has gone into AI and the advancement from Google, Azure, and AWS in facilitating AI platforms and the explosion of AI applications. With just a few clicks, anyone … Read more

Zoho CRM for digital advertising boards | billboard

How to use Zoho CRM with media companies providing Digital Advertising Boards – billboard The challenge: One of the challenges for any media company is having a large number of digital advertising boards. When planning or building a campaign you need to know what boards are available and when. This applies for digital or any … Read more

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