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Addressing Organisational Thickening: Strategies for Executive Leadership

Ilan Gross

26 April 2024

Understanding organisational Thickening

Introduction to Organisational Thickening

Organisational thickening poses a significant challenge as companies evolve, characterised by increased resistance to change and scepticism towards new data. This issue can severely impede a firm’s adaptability and innovation, affecting its competitive edge and operational efficiency.

Organisational Thickening

Resistance to Change: Symptoms

  • Decreased Agility: The reluctance to adopt new methodologies or technologies results in a slower response to market changes, causing companies to fall behind competitors.
  • Employee Disengagement: Teams may feel disconnected from the company’s goals, leading to reduced productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Stagnation in Growth: An enduring commitment to outdated practices stifles creativity and hampers improvement.

Loss of Dynamic Vision: Symptoms

  • Reduced Innovation: Without a dynamic vision, companies struggle to pioneer new ideas or approaches, stagnating development and creativity.
  • Misalignment of Objectives: Teams may not share a coherent strategic direction, leading to conflicting priorities and inefficiencies.
  • Erosion of Market Position: Failing to foresee and adapt to future trends can cause a gradual decline in market relevance and customer engagement.

Increased Bureaucracy: Symptoms 

  • Slowed Decision-Making: As layers of bureaucracy thicken, the speed and efficiency of decision-making processes diminish, especially in critical situations.
  • Diminished Flexibility: A rigid organisational structure makes it challenging to implement necessary changes quickly, detrimental in a rapidly evolving market.
  • Employee Frustration: Excessive red tape can frustrate employees, leading to decreased job satisfaction and difficulty retaining top talent.
  • Resource Drain: Extensive bureaucracy consumes significant time and financial resources, which could be better allocated to innovation and growth initiatives.

Lumen Business Solutions: Pioneering Change and Fostering Innovation

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Conclusion: Lead with Confidence

Organisational thickening is a formidable barrier, but with Lumen Business’s tailored IT consulting services, your company will not just overcome it but will thrive. Embrace the future with confidence and clarity, powered by the expert support of Lumen Business. Let us help you transform challenges into opportunities for growth and leadership in the IT sector.


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