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How to use Zoho CRM with media companies providing Digital Advertising Boards - billboard

The challenge:

One of the challenges for any media company is having a large number of digital advertising boards. When planning or building a campaign you need to know what boards are available and when. This applies for digital or any other type of board.

Not knowing what boards are available can affect a media company in many ways. It is very hard to quote and/or supply what you have quoted and promised your customers without this visibility. Nor can you inform customers if there are any changes to boards’ availability.

The solution:

Lumen partners with Zoho One to solve these issues.

Now you can deploy Zoho CRM and find out when each board is available at any given time, specify any range of days, number of days tolerance, and get an accurate list of available boards.

This will allow you to accurately plan your customers advertising campaigns, you will even be able to sit together with your customer and ask what is available on what date range. And close the deal.

With Zoho, know you can provide quotes and be sure the quotes are correct.

You can now see which of the boards have been reserved, and when they are going to be available, allowing you to plan and be more dynamic with the allocation of boards.

If changes have been made to boards’ availability or other customers have reserved advertising boards, you can now inform your customers which boards are, or are no longer, available.

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