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ZIA Zoho CRM AI will provide huge benefits to Zoho CRM users

AI-powered Zoho CRM is gaining importance from Zoho. Although AI has been applied across the CRM industry and Zoho CRM in particular, we are at the beginning of the journey. As we progress, over time, ZIA Zoho CRM AI will become more sophisticated and provide huge benefits to Zoho CRM users.

In my opinion, it will do so in two main categories:

1)            Customers pattern recognition, trends, and prediction analytics:

This will allow you to recognize the customers that need to be focused on, individual customers to sell or protect. And for marketing to focus on group/segment of customers and on lead sources.

2)            Task scheduling, task automation, task priority.

Lumen Zoho CRM AI ZIA

The big question we are asking is: Will AI in CRM help businesses?

After 20 years of implementing CRM and helping hundreds of customers. We believe there is a great gap between the hype and reality of what AI will provide customers with. For the purpose of these blog posts, we will focus on small to medium businesses.

We can group businesses into 3 different segments:

  • For the first group, the uptake of AI will be easy, and use it to its full potential, they will reap the benefits and dominate their market, and the bigger the business the bigger their market share will get. This can be further segmented into two subgroups: one will take advantage of all the options. The second will take advantage of only one of the categories. Task automation OR pattern recognition, trends, and prediction analytics.
  • The second group is the same as the first group but will need help and training to do so.
  • The third group will completely lose out and will have limited or no uptake.

Which group does your business belong to? If you would like to find more information

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