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Transform Your Sales Force: Hiring Experts vs. Sales Professionals

Choosing the Right Path for Your Sales Team

In the dynamic business landscape, building a formidable sales team is key to success. The pivotal question is: should you hire experts in their fields and transform them into sales professionals, or hire skilled salespeople and develop their expertise further? This choice is crucial for any business aiming to enhance its sales force.

Lumen Business: Elevating Your Sales Strategy

Lumen Business excels at guiding companies through this critical decision. Specialising in sales training and CRM implementation, we understand the nuances and benefits of both hiring approaches.

Who to Hire Expert or Skilled Salesperson
Who to Hire Expert or Skilled Salesperson

The Case for Hiring Industry Experts

Instant Expertise and Advanced Knowledge

Hiring experts brings a wealth of specialized knowledge to your sales team. They possess a deep understanding of the products or services, enabling them to tackle complex sales scenarios effectively.

Accelerated Integration

Experts in their fields can assimilate product knowledge quickly, reducing the time to become effective in sales roles, especially in industries where product complexity is high.

The Case for Hiring Skilled Sales Professionals

Natural Sales Instincts and Skills

Skilled sales professionals excel in the art of selling. They have honed their abilities in customer engagement, negotiation, and closing deals, which are indispensable for sales success.

Cultivating Product Mastery

While they may initially lack deep technical knowledge, these professionals can be trained to understand the product in-depth, blending their sales acumen with product expertise.

Who to Hire Expert or Skilled Salesperson
Who to Hire Expert or Skilled Salesperson

Contextual Decision Making: Expert vs. Sales Professional

Analyzing Business Needs

The choice hinges on your specific business context, such as the complexity of your products/services, the existing skill set of your sales team, and your long-term sales strategy.

Lumen’s Customized Approach

Our training programs and CRM strategies are tailored to support both options. We help in evaluating your business needs and aligning your hiring strategy with your overarching business goals.

Tailored Training Programmes and Comprehensive CRM Strategies

Our Tailored Training Programmes

Our programmes focus on transforming industry experts into sales wizards or turning your existing team into product experts.

Comprehensive CRM Strategies

We offer comprehensive CRM implementation strategies that streamline sales processes and improve customer relationship management. These strategies are specifically designed to effectively address and support both options: transforming experts into sales professionals and training existing employees to become experts. This is particularly crucial if the learning curve extends beyond a few days of training.

Who to Hire Expert or Skilled Salesperson
Who to Hire Expert or Skilled Salesperson

Why Partner with Lumen Business?

Proven Success Lumen Business has a track record of empowering sales teams, enhancing their capabilities irrespective of their initial composition.

Forward-Thinking Methods We employ the latest techniques and strategies to ensure your sales team thrives in the competitive market.

Building a Sales Team for the Future Whether hiring industry experts or skilled sales professionals, the foundation lies in strategic training and support. Lumen Business is dedicated to equipping your team for peak performance.

Transform Your Sales Force with Lumen Business

Reach out to Lumen Business to explore how we can redefine your sales strategy and transform your team into a powerhouse of success.

About the Author: 

Ilan Gross, with over twenty years of rich experience in CRM systems, serves as the Principal Zoho CRM Consultant at Lumen Business Solutions. His expertise lies in tailoring CRM solutions to B2B contexts, particularly for enterprise customers. Ilan specializes in integrating sophisticated sales methodologies such as SPIN, Gap Analysis, and Challenger Selling into CRM platforms. His approach focuses on creating systems that are not just technologically advanced but also deeply aligned with the strategic needs of large-scale businesses. Ilan’s expertise is particularly notable in the realm of revenue-lifting strategies, where he has a proven track record of aiding enterprise-level organizations in enhancing their sales processes, improving customer engagement, and ultimately driving significant increases in revenue. This combination of CRM system mastery and a keen understanding of the unique needs of enterprise customers positions Ilan as a pivotal asset for businesses looking to scale and succeed in competitive markets.