Inclusive CRM Training: Strategies for Modern Workplaces

inclusive CRM training

Introduction to Inclusive CRM Training In recent years, the corporate world has begun to recognise the unique learning needs of its diverse workforce. Lumen stands at the forefront of this change, offering innovative CRM training that caters to individuals with learning difficulties. Our approach ensures no employee is left behind, transforming traditional corporate training into … Read more

Effectively Integrate SPIN, GAP and Challenger sales techniques into your Zoho CRM

sales methodologies, BANT, SPIN, GAP, Challenger, MEDDIC and Sandler to Zoho CRM implementation

The Only Zoho Partner Implementing BANT, SPIN, GAP, Challenger, MEDDIC, and Sandler Techniques within Zoho CRM Integrate the following sales techniques into a Zoho CRM implementation: BANT, SPIN, GAP, Challenger, MEDDIC, and Sandler. By offering this service worldwide. Lumen Business can helpbusinesses and Zoho partners of all sizes and industries improve their salesprocesses and achieve better … Read more

Lumen Academy – Key Account Management & Zoho CRM

Why is key account management training important? It is common to find sales people who feel comfortable when they are face-to-face with prospects, but are unable to effectively manage multiple accounts. This problem can be even worse when staff try to develop new initiatives based on sales data. We find this phenomena leads to salespeople … Read more

Lumen Academy – Advanced Sales Training and Zoho CRM

Personal CRM Training

Why is Advanced Sales Training important? Great sales people are not born, they are trained. Most sales people operate with an unconscious competence. They have a familiarity with the product or service they sell, and with their standard customers, but many have never really developed the perspective to analyse their current methods and therefore to … Read more