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Why is Advanced Sales Training important?

Great sales people are not born, they are trained.

Most sales people operate with an unconscious competence. They have a familiarity with the product or service they sell, and with their standard customers, but many have never really developed the perspective to analyse their current methods and therefore to improve on them.

And because selling is a multi-dimensional skill that is situation specific – coaching is the only real way to make rapid improvements. 

Personal CRM Training

Lumen Sales Certification will help individuals and teams identify what factors are causing sales success and failure. It can help build sales people who are able to fully utilize all the software and digital tools at their disposal: CRM, SEO, and email marketing.

A certified sales person is able to use their first hand experience to drive R&D and innovation. They can be a valuable resource that can inform strategic decisions.

Such salespeople become self-correcting – they can not only identify areas of friction in the sales process, but they can help develop a positive sales team culture, and deal with both customers and competition in an adaptable and effective way.

Through coaching, sales people can move from being unconscious competence to conscious competence, developing a fingertip feel for what is needed next to close a deal, and ultimately, bring in more revenue.

7 Key benefits of Sales Training

Lumen Academy Sales training brings a number of key benefits to your sales team and your business:

  • Effective listening skills to better understand customers and prospects
  • Improved understanding of the competition
  • More easily identify where and how to improve your business
  • Maximise your negotiation skills
  • Improved business revenue
  • Prevent margin erosion through lower discounts
  • Build trust and a bond with your customers

Lumen Academy Sales Training

Our sales training helps achieve three levels of certification.
Each full course of training usually takes between 12-45 hours depending on the speed at which students need the teaching to be delivered at.

The following are approximate times the average student takes to gain Certification of Levels 1-3.

  • Level 1: 12-20 hours
  • Level 2: 20-30 hours
  • Level 3: 35-45 hours

Each block of training will cover all the content for each level of certification and allow time for student examination of competency. Certification will only be provided if individuals pass required assessment criteria.

NB: All certifications are attained only by passing the prescribed assessments for each level of training.


Lumen Academy Sales Certification

The best way to ensure an individual’s competence is through Lumen Academy Certification.

When a member of your team is certified in Sales you can be assured that they have attained proficiency in the skills covered at that level.

This means peace of mind that these individuals have been taught, rigorously assessed through standardized examination – and as a result can be relied on to sell.

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