Together we can unleash Excel

How we can help your company utilize the full power of Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel has proven its foundational importance within business financial management since 1985. Its functionality as a tool for financial analysis and data management is widely known. What is often lesser understood is the integrative potential of this platform with cutting-edge programming knowledge.

Through our 15 years of working with varying scale businesses what has become apparent is the significant difference between how a trained Financial Analyst would utilize the broad functionalities of Excel within their daily practice, in comparison to a trained Programmer. While a Financial Analyst can understand the dollars and cents, what they are often lacking is the knowledge of programming and an understanding of Excel, to maintain and debug issues as they inevitably arise.

Secondly, while the utility of Excel is valued in most businesses, what is often required to maintain the integrity of the information it holds is a database. This addition allows an organisation to trust the data they are working. It is a reoccurring, and often debilitating issue within many organisations that rely on up to date management of large amounts of data, resulting in frustration and inefficiency for your team. ‘How do we maintain up to date data?’ is a serious question that all businesses face. We have the experience and skills to set up functional systems that will ensure your business is making decisions with the right information. The alternative is akin to using an old map to navigate new roads, and expecting to get your destination successfully. Needless to say, there are often tears.

Therefore, entrusting your organisations growth and development in a company with specialist experience in data, Excel and database programming, is a safer and smarter investment. If data accuracy, and integrity of outcome is important to your organisation our Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) can build a financial model fit for you. The benefit this brings to you is the security of having your financial system supported by a team of expert database programmers working alongside the CFA.

Our integration team can extract data from most current systems and develop this into a tool that is reliable and functional. Bringing you and your team peace of mind, and clarity of information.