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Technology Scouting

Why Technology Scouting, who can benefit from it?

By the time a solution has arrived in the market It is most likely to be five years to seven years old and, because of the distance and the time difference, many younger technology companies are ready to tender or to choose New Zealand as a first destination to launch their technology. This means, potentially, you’ll be losing out to cutting-edge solutions.

With Technology Scouting you’ll be ahead of the game in getting new cutting-edge technology, providing you with the solutions you require to advance your business.

Technology Scouting can be the engine for companies wanting to:

  • become more efficient and competitive
  • expand their products and services
  • gain a competitive edge in the market

Get ahead of the game through innovation and investment in cutting-edge technology. The benefits you obtain include:

  • the ability to examine alternatives to grow your business.
  • approach business needs by examining the new cutting-edge innovations, bypassing the traditional approach of tendering and consulting.
  • significantly cut R&D time for your organisation.

Across multiple sectors, from finance to agriculture, energy to retail, healthcare to manufacturing, corporations are challenged to remain competitive in the global economy. Technology Scouting by Lumen provides a consistent opportunity to choose relevant new technologies and R&D investment for your organisation.

Lumen’s Technology Scouting service means we are working for you, not for the vendor, to provide you the best solution available to your needs.

How the service works:

Lumen’s Technology Scouting service is subscription-based, requiring us to supply you with constant opportunities of cutting-edge technology relevant to your business.

Our consultant and the relevant people in your organisation will sit together to understand your needs, aspirations, and to develop inspiration. That will enable effective scouting for your new opportunity.

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