What Can We Learn from Rian Doris Applying Purpose and Focus to Achieve Business Success

What Can We Learn from Rian Doris: Applying Purpose and Focus to Achieve Business Success

As entrepreneurs and business leaders, we’re constantly seeking inspiration and guidance to drive our ventures forward. Recently, I came across a thought-provoking video by Rian Doris, an expert in flow science and high performance. His insights resonated with me, and I believe their messages can be applied to achieve success in business.

This blog post will explore three core principles from Rian Doris: gaining clarity on long-term aspirations, prioritising high-impact actions, and turning daily actions into lofty achievements. We will then connect these principles to practical applications in business using Lumen Fusion CRM strategy, Lumen Sales Training, and Lumen Business Culture.

Gain Clarity on Your Long-Term Aspirations

Rian Doris emphasises the importance of understanding your ultimate goals and purpose. This clarity is crucial in business, where it’s easy to get bogged down in day-to-day tasks and lose sight of our vision. By defining our long-term aspirations, we can:

  • Align daily activities with overall strategy
  • Make informed decisions
  • Inspire and motivate teams

Practical Applications in Business:

  • Align daily activities with overall strategy: Lumen Fusion CRM strategy helps businesses achieve this clarity by aligning all processes and activities with the overarching goals.
  • Make informed decisions: With a clear vision, every decision made within the business supports the long-term objectives, fostering a cohesive strategy.
  • Inspire and motivate teams: Clear long-term goals help create a unified direction that can inspire and motivate the entire team.

Prioritise High-Impact Actions

Doris stresses the need to focus on tasks that significantly contribute to our goals. In business, this means identifying and prioritising high-impact actions that drive growth and revenue. By doing so, we can:

  • Maximise time and resources
  • Minimise wasted effort
  • Achieve momentum

Practical Applications in Business:

  • Maximise time and resources: Lumen Sales Training equips teams with the skills to recognise and prioritise these high-impact actions.
  • Minimise wasted effort: Prioritising critical tasks ensures that resources are used efficiently and effectively.
  • Achieve momentum: Focused efforts lead to tangible progress, boosting morale and momentum.

Turn Daily Actions into Lofty Achievements

By breaking down our long-term goals into smaller tasks and integrating them into our daily routine, we can create a steady progression towards our aspirations. In business, this means:

  • Setting achievable milestones
  • Celebrating successes and learning from failures
  • Continuously improving and refining

Practical Applications in Business:

  • Setting achievable milestones: Lumen Business Culture fosters an environment where daily efforts are aligned with strategic objectives.
  • Celebrating successes and learning from failures: Recognising achievements and learning from setbacks are crucial for continuous improvement.
  • Continuously improving and refining: Regularly updating strategies based on daily progress ensures alignment with long-term goals.

Applying These Principles to Business Growth

To drive business success, we can implement a comprehensive strategy that aligns with our vision and goals. Some strategies for implementation include:

  • Integrating a CRM system
  • Providing effective training
  • Fostering a positive business culture
  • Implementing Lumen’s Advanced CRM Strategy

Practical Applications in Business:

  • Integrating a CRM system: Lumen Fusion CRM strategy streamlines sales and marketing efforts, ensuring all activities align with business goals.
  • Providing effective training: Lumen Sales Training enhances the capabilities of teams.
  • Fostering a positive business culture: Lumen Business Culture supports sustained growth and improvement.
  • Implementing Lumen’s Advanced CRM Strategy: Lumen’s CRM transforms businesses by revolutionising sales funnel strategies, enhancing lead quality, empowering sales and marketing teams, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. By leveraging innovative product strategies, pricing, and R&D, Lumen’s CRM sets businesses up for long-term success and excellence. By combining these elements, we can create a powerful engine for business growth and revenue generation.


Rian Doris’s philosophy offers valuable insights for entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking to achieve success. By gaining clarity on our long-term aspirations, prioritising high-impact actions, and turning daily actions into lofty achievements, we can drive business growth and create a lasting impact. I hope this post inspires you to reflect on your own approach and consider how you can apply these principles to achieve your goals.


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