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Recognising When Top Employees Plan to leave: Key Signs

Recognising When Top Employees Plan to Leave: Key Signs

At Lumen Business, our extensive experience with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) over a decade has given us deep insights into employee behaviour.

We’ve observed patterns indicating when a valuable team member might be planning to leave. Here’s a distilled essence of our findings in this blog:

Employees Plan to Leave
Employees Plan to Leave

Alignment with Mission and Objectives: Watch for fading passion for the company’s goals. A disconnect here often signals a desire for change.

    • Personal Circumstances Impacting Engagement: Sometimes, personal life changes affect their alignment with company goals.

Shift in Company Loyalty: Notice increased fondness for competitors. This shift can suggest a reconsideration of their career path.

Increase in Criticism: Pay attention to more frequent and disproportionate criticism. It often indicates deeper dissatisfaction.

Decreased Involvement and Initiative: Be aware of reduced participation in projects or reluctance to take the initiative.

  • Lack of Enthusiasm for Future Projects: Diminished interest in upcoming company projects can be a red flag.

Changes in Written Communication: Observe shifts in tone in emails and other communications. Moving from positive to neutral or negative can mean disengagement.

Altered Work Habits: Look for changes like more frequent breaks, altered work hours, and increased sick days.

Social Withdrawal: Withdrawing from team interactions and events can be a part of this change.

Updating Professional Profiles: Active updates on professional profiles and resumes may indicate readiness for new opportunities.

Quality of Work: A decline in work quality or productivity is often a sign of reduced engagement.

Changes in Attitude: Changes in how they interact with colleagues and management can reflect their job satisfaction.

Employees Plan to Leave

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