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Listening and Leadership with Zoho CRM

Unlike what many people believe, listening is a skill, and like all skills it requires dedication and discipline to get good at it. However, because it’s not a tangible skill that can be objectively measured, mastery of it becomes much more challenging. Also, the difference between the skilled and unskilled is much wider because of this variance.

Recently there has been a trend on social media highlighting the importance of listening in leadership, we thought we would give our thoughts on this topic.

After meeting many CEOs and business owners, we have a very different take on listening for emerging leaders and businesses. The key question is what is listening in business, and the second question we saw asked was is there some short-cut to help in listening effectively?

This is a very big topic, what we’re going to focus on here is only within the business, between management/CEO’s and employees.

Generally when the term “listening” is used in business it is predominately between managers/CEOs and employees it’s context is to achieve an emotional outcome between the two parties. The context we want to put forward is “business listening” to employees, which is something we see very little content on.

What we mean by this is actively taking in information from employees on how your business is doing and how to improve it. How to know who to listen to, and what to do with that information.

This type of “business listening” is arguably the most important and is made much easier with Zoho CRM. It rewards your best employees that contribute the most to the business. As they the ones who need to be listened to the most by the business. As their contribution is usually very significant to the business, and they almost always have knowledge that can be used to improve your business in some way.

This type of “business listening” requires very different skills and requires something like Zoho CRM to be implemented properly. It requires you to collect data that is relevant to the business success and to make sure that knowledge is reaching the business leaders and decision makers.

Effective “business listening” ensures that your employees feel they have been listened to and their efforts, contributions and skills are valued and not wasted. These things seem innocuous but are some of the most important things for cultivating and creating the best business you can have.

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