Is your Zoho CRM configured to foster innovation for your business 

Foster business innovation underpins many business successes.

One of the key questions to ask yourself before deploying Zoho CRM is whether the focus of your CRM is on efficiency or effectiveness and business innovation.

What is the difference between a Zoho CRM that is configured for efficiency, versus a Zoho CRM that is configured for effectiveness and innovation?

CRMs that are configured for efficiency achieve:

  • Close more deals
  • Get more leads
  • Perform business process faster
  • Perform business process better/harder
  • Perform business process in shorter time
  • Perform business process in fewer steps

In summary: it is performing business processes more efficiently.

There are benefits for an efficient CRM deployment

  • It is easier and faster to deploy
  • Staff are happy to get the CRM as all can see the CRM can provide great efficiency for business.

It requires a particular style of management, and a particular business culture and business policy, to be successful. The two major traits required are: critical thinking, and creativity.

At Lumen, we’ve been fostering critical thinking, innovation, and effectiveness, when deploying Zoho CRM for our clients. We also believe that, for religious people, it’s true to their faith to operate in this way.

The first question one might ask is: “Why are we linking knowledge, critical thinking, creativity, and effectiveness, when deploying a CRM?”

Effectiveness is all about finding new alternatives. Not just to make the existing business better, but to offer a new alternative, such as a new product or service, to the business’s clients and stakeholders. It is about making new connections and discovering new paradigms to make the business more profitable. In other words, effectiveness is a combination of knowledge and critical thinking, with creativity.

For an effective CRM implementation that fosters invention, chat with our experts.

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