Copywriting and Content Writing doomed with ChatGPT?

Copywriting and Content Writing

The issue with blog posts is that they must be appealing in order to draw a volume of traffic to your website. And it must be written by a human, we recommend reading about Google Expertise, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, (EEAT) Read more about Google and ChatGPT. We love ChatGPT, but Copywriting and Content Writing for blog posts, is not going to work.

In order to determine how simple it will be for Google to identify the content from ChatGPT:

I have asked CHatGPT: Why ChatGPT content won’t work for Google SEO ranking is a question I asked ChatGPT. See the right image.

Below is the answer from 3 AI detection – it is very easy to detect content writing by AI.

Lumen business chat GBT
Lumen business chat GBT

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