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Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Zoho Integration

Connection MS Dynamics NAV to the Zoho ecosystem

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the ERP tool for Microsoft customers. Lumen has developed an API that synchronises Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Zoho product suite across all versions of Dynamics since 2013. Integrating NAV to Zoho product suite comes with it’s own set of technical challenges that Lumen Business has developed an API for that makes this transition seamless for our customers.

We have created a two way integration that fetches data, sends, cleans and authenticates data between Zoho and NAV and vice versa. Focusing on the main modules of:

• Customers / Accounts
• Contacts
• Products
• Pricing
• Sales invoices

• Quotes

The API integration requires us to authenticate, clean and validate data both ways from Zoho to NAV which is 4 independent status’s that need to be verified to create and update the modules for both systems. This is challenging because of the data transfer issues and the field discrepancy between the two pieces of software.
For NAV there is an NDLM Authenticator which is only supported by Microsoft and not by anyone else. There is a 3 step authenticator to fetch data which requires very technical understanding of NAV to complete, which we have solved and done for this integration. Traditional API testing tools such as SOPUI do not work with the NDLM Authenticator which creates another significant layer of difficulty and expertise in this integration. Integrating NAV to Zoho came with some significant mapping issues, mapping the sales person and mapping pricing. Some fields exist in NAV that don’t exist in Zoho and vice versa. So we have fixed and remedied this issue as well.  – For example, there is no status module in the invoice module in NAV but there is in Zoho.

As some customers use many different versions of Dynamics it was important to us to make our API accessible to as many users as possible. Which created it’s own set of challenges but our API is able to synchronize between all versions of Dynamics since 2013.

List of versions we can integrate into:

Dynamics NAV 2013: (“7.00”) 2013, (“7.1”) 2013 R2
Dynamics NAV 2015: (“8.00”) 2015
Dynamics NAV 2016: (“9.00”) 2016
Dynamics NAV 2017: (“10.00”) 2017
Dynamics NAV 2018: (“11.00”) 2018, (“12.00) 2018 R2
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: (“13.00”)
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Spring Release: (“14.00”)
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Wave 2: (“15.00”)

Lumen’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Zoho API has seamlessly and successfully created a solution that addresses these technical and challenging issues for our customers. If you or your customers require this Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration this is the API for you to use.