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Topic: API Development, Software Development

Custom Management Software for Franchises | Franchises CRM | NZ

Lumen Business Software Development
Lumen Business Software Development

TOPIC: Franchises CRM

Custom Management Software for Franchises | Franchises CRM | NZ

Expertise in Franchise Software Customisation​

Rapid Development & Maintenance

  • Tailored software deployment to streamline your franchise operations.
  • Ongoing maintenance ensuring your management tools evolve with your business.

Custom Solutions for Specific Needs

  • From detailed quoting systems to comprehensive franchise management, we craft it.
  • Software built to understand and enhance your unique franchise processes.

Scalable & Secure Solutions

  • Software that grows with your franchise, supported by robust security measures.

Optimizing Franchisee-Franchisor Communication

  • Enhance communication channels and operational efficiency across your network.


Dedicated to Your Franchise's Success

Upgrade Your Operational Efficiency with Custom Software

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