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Improve Your Zoho Performance with Email Validation & Verification

Zoho with Email Validation & Verification

Improve Your Zoho Performance with Email Validation Verification Improving your Zoho CRM, Desk and Campaigns performance requires accurate and reliable data. One of the most crucial aspects of data accuracy is email validation and verification. A robust email validation system can help you avoid the risks associated with low-quality data, such as invalid email addresses, … Read more

Automated Newsletters Creation a New Era in customer engagement

Automated Newsletters Creation

Revolutionizing Newsletter Creation for Seamless Customer Engagement Despite incredible technological advancements, many companies struggle to maximize the impact of their e-mail campaigns, finding it an uphill battle to consistently deliver captivating newsletters. Now, a revolution in e-mail marketing automation enables you to connect with your customers like never before. The solution lies in Lumen’s newsletter AI. Adopting … Read more

Zoho CRM Coaching

Lumen CRM Coaching and Training

Lumen CRM Coaching Providing a guiding hand to your organisation with your CRM Lumen CRM coaching is very different from any other Zoho CRM training. It is 6 times more effective than standard training as it focuses on ensuring Return on Investment (“ROI “) from your CRM investment. The key to our success rate is that … Read more