Improve Your Zoho Performance with Email Validation & Verification

Zoho with Email Validation & Verification

Improve Your Zoho Performance with Email Validation & Verification Improving your Zoho CRM, Desk and Campaigns performance requires accurate and reliable data. One of the most crucial aspects of data accuracy is email validation and verification. A robust email validation system can help you avoid the risks associated with low-quality data, such as invalid email … Read more

Automated Newsletters Creation a New Era in customer engagement

Automated Newsletters Creation

Revolutionizing Newsletter Creation for Seamless Customer Engagement Despite incredible technological advancements, many companies struggle to maximize the impact of their e-mail campaigns, finding it an uphill battle to consistently deliver captivating newsletters. Now, a revolution in e-mail marketing automation enables you to connect with your customers like never before. The solution lies in Lumen’s newsletter AI. Adopting … Read more

Zoho CRM Coaching

Lumen CRM Coaching and Training

Lumen CRM Coaching & Training Providing a guiding hand to your organization with your CRM Lumen CRM coaching is very different from any other Zoho CRM training. It is 6 times more effective than standard training as it focuses on ensuring Return on Investment (“ROI “) from your CRM investment. The key to our success … Read more