Business strategies, business plans and Zoho CRM

One of the more interesting contributors to business failure is inability to intellectualise business reality and market conditions.

Intellectualisation of business reality is one of the key factors of a successful CEO without which, change will not made based on facts and reality. And that is a sure way to make mistakes and miss revenue. And the key symptom is the inability to collect the relevant data and then transform the available data into knowledge.

Business strategy/plan, and Zoho CRM data. That tension underpins change and adaptability, and it is a catalyst for businesses to respond to new market trends and demand.

What is the common point among our successful customers?

Although there are quite few common denominators, we will focus on one of them here:

Effective CRM implementation means your CRM will be able to answer the following questions:

  • Is my marketing effective?

  • Is my sales team effective?

  • Is my product/Service effective?

  • How does my product/service measure against my competition?

  • Is the market developing new trends?

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