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Topic: API Development, Software Development Book a Free Consultation TOPIC: API DEVELOPMENT, SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT​ Book a Free Consultation Premier PLM Integration Solutions by Lumen Business Connect your PLM systems seamlessly with hundreds of other applications to innovate and excel. An Overview of Lumen’s System Architecture​ Key Features of Our PLM Integration Platform Extensive Connectivity Across … Read more

Comprehensive Data Management & Analytics Services | Lumen Business

Topic: API Book a Free Consultation Topic: API Book a Free Consultation Welcome to Lumen Business Data Management and Analytics Services Tailor your certification and licencing processes with our custom software, designed to ensure your company manages its business operations in the most effective way while staying compliant. An Overview of Lumen’s Data Management Architecture … Read more

Complex API Integration & Development Services By Lumen Business NZ

complexity of API integration

Complex API we call it Lumen NexusFlow In today’s interconnected business environment, seamless and intelligent data flow between disparate systems is not just advantageous—it’s essential. Lumen Business Solutions specialises in Complex API Integration Services, designed to navigate and master the intricacies of modern data exchange. Our expertise ensures that your data is not only transferred from … Read more

Expert API Development & Integration Services | by Lumen

Expert API Development & Integration Services by Lumen

API Development & Integrations Unlock new levels of efficiency and innovation with Lumen’s API Development and Integration Services. In today’s digital landscape, seamless connectivity between your software systems is not just an advantage—it’s essential. Discover how our tailored API solutions in New Zealand can transform your operations and drive growth. Discover how our experts API … Read more

API application programming interface

API - Application Programming Interface

API – Application Programming Interface What is an API? The digital transformation has created an ecosystem where most businesses can use from about 12 to over 40+ cloud and local applications in their operations. This has created a situation where data that you have in your organization that need in many different locations and independent … Read more