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3 Tips for Keeping Your Sales Staff Happy and Motivated

How to reduce turnover, and keep sales staff

There are three key ways to reduce turnover and retain sales staff. Keep a team of motivated sales staff and you’ll have a team of happy sales staff. 

  1. Get Inbound Leads
  2. Get Qualified Leads
  3. Ensure your staff can close the Deal easily

Get Inbound leads

Motivated sales staff need good inbound leads.

  • Engage customers so they call you for your products and services.
  • Use Zoho automation to to make appointments for your sales team to meet their leads.
  • Ensure your Zoho CRM configuration is working properly – all the information about the leads can pass effectively to your team.

Get qualified leads

Happy sales staff perform best with qualified leads.

  • The customer needs have been identified. Zoho CRM integrates with email and form submissions to ensure you know your customer. 
  • Using Zoho CRM ensures the product or services you have suit your customers needs. 
  • Through your Sales team engagement, the customer expresses intention to buy your product or service.

Ensure your sales staff can close the deal easily

  • Make sure your sales person is suited to the job, has all the training and knowledge to sell your product and services and he is suited to deals with the persona of the leads.

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