With savvy CRM strategy and implementation, your business can focus its resources in the most productive areas. This process helps boost efficiency, sales, and improve the customers experience.

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Email Marketing

A well-configured, automated email marketing system can generate new leads, support sales funnels, and improve customer engagement. It can also reduce the cost of sale of goods and services, which can open new income streams.

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Business Intelligence

Reliance on assumptions can lead your business astray. By analyzing the data that your business already generates, you can gain valuable insight into customer behavior. This will encourage innovation and growth.

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Coaching & Training

At Lumen we provide coaching and training to people at all levels of your business. This ensures your team has the skills needed to use your software to achieve your business objectives.

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Zoho CRM ®

Zoho ® is one of the most commonly used CRM systems for small to medium sized businesses. It is an easy to use, web-based platform that can help you identify opportunities, increase operational efficiency, and ultimately increase sales. We are Zoho CRM Certified.

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Salesforce CRM ®

A market leader since 1999, Salesforce CRM ® allows you to monitor your sales and marketing activities with an easy to use interface. Its ability to be used on mobile devices makes it a good choice for mobile sales forces. Salesforce CRM ® is suitable for business of all sizes.

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SugarCRM ®

For the last 10 years SugarCRM ® has been an excellent open-source solution. It is an affordable option that has been designed to be highly customizable and easy to use. SugarCRM ® can be easily implemented, and adapts to your business’s need.

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Infusionsoft CRM ®

With a focus on the needs of small businesses, Infusionsoft CRM ® provides a comprehensive answer to sales and marketing challenges. Infusionsoft CRM ® is an easy to use CRM software that makes the inherent multi-tasking in a small business dramatically easier.

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“Lumen has been great throughout the implementation process both guiding & suggesting ideas to us. Lumen has delivered us a practical solution without any drama or issues. “

Dean Cates

Chief Operating Officer


“Lumen made us challenge our thinking on our sales process. This has lead to great results for us.”

Andrew Benton

Managing Director


“The software solution Lumen created is  easy to use and maintain. The scheduled reporting is especially useful. It enables our management team to effectively view and manage their respective business units nationwide”

Charles Kelly

National Business Development Manager


“Thank you Lumen. Great job. Your direct and creative manner helped us see what we need to do to move to the next level.”

James Wansey

Managing Director


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