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Two key benefits of Zoho CRM and SalesIQ to be aware of

One of the key pillars in Zoho CRM is knowing when your customers visit your website

Zoho CRM offers remarkable feedback for you, so you know when your customer is visiting your website. One of the great benefits of that is you can easily identify what products they are interested in and you can see if they need more information, opening the opportunity for a proposal. You can also see if they have lost interest or showing more interest in your products.

You can see what page(s) your customers like reading. Zoho CRM provides a factual measurement of your customer’s interest in new products. When a lead has gone quiet, but then starts visiting your website, Zoho CRM provides a factual measurement of whether your lead is hot or cold.

How to configure this?

To can track visitors who clicked on a link that was included in an e-mail sent from Zoho CRM, use a Zoho CRM email template. In the email template of your choice, insert the following links.

URL Pattern${Leads.First Name} ${Leads.LastName}&siq_email=${Leads.Email}

Result Smith&

Here, the ${Leads.First Name} ${Leads.Last Name} &${Leads.Email} are the CRM merge fields.

What do you do with this information?

Keep in mind, this is only a starting point in the lead generation process. Your sales team can use this information is multiple ways:

  1. As a tip to see where people go when they visit your site, and which articles draw the most interest
  2. For insight into your customers
  3. To help with timing a follow up contact
  4. Getting in front of the right people
  5. See your visitors’ locations
  6. Discover your best referrer channels – track which emails are driving your traffic
  7. Improve your SEO ranking
  8. Tailor your communication to meet your individual leads needs
  9. Maximise your opportunities

For Ecommerce – Shopify and WooCommerce – Lumen has rewritten Zoho’s visiting module to accommodate more complex requirements for automation and analyses.

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