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Rethinking Productivity in the Multigenerational Workplace | Business Culture

Navigating Age Diversity in the Workplace: Insights and Solutions

Introduction: Recent analysis by Yahoo Finance, based on a report by the London School of Economics and Political Science and Protiviti, highlights a challenging aspect of modern workplaces: larger age gaps between managers and employees correlate with decreased productivity levels. This piece explores the nuances behind these findings and presents an alternative viewpoint grounded in the principles of Lumen Business Culture.

Rethinking Productivity in the Multigenerational Workplace | Business Culture

Article Summary:

The article reveals that 25% of employees self-report lower productivity levels, attributing this to ineffective collaboration, particularly pronounced in teams with significant age differences between staff and management. It suggests that generational divides in communication and work style may underpin these challenges.

Lumen Business Culture’s Perspective: 

Contrary to the concerns outlined, Lumen Business Culture, rooted in Judeo-Christian values, offers a distinct perspective on the matter. We believe in the fundamental equality of all individuals in contributing ideas and knowledge, regardless of age. This ethos challenges the notion that age gaps inherently lead to decreased productivity, suggesting instead that the issue lies in how organisations foster intergenerational collaboration.

Incorporating Inclusive Practices: 

The key to bridging generational divides lies in cultivating an organisational culture that values diversity, promotes critical thinking, and encourages intellectual vulnerability. By implementing practices that leverage the unique strengths of each generation, companies can enhance productivity and innovation.


The dialogue surrounding age gaps in productivity should not be a point of contention but a catalyst for embracing intellectual diversity in the workplace. Lumen’s Business Culture invites industry leaders and organisations to rethink traditional narratives and consider a values-driven approach to harness the full potential of their teams.


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