Salesforce CRM

Salesforce ® adds more horsepower

How Salesforce CRM ® can help you

Salesforce CRM ® is the worlds most widely used CRM system. Since its inception in 1999 it has been a market leader in CRM software.

The software allows you to track customer information and interactions, nurture leads, and monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns. These features help you create more leads and close more deals.

Salesforce CRM’s ® interface and multiple functions allows for increased efficiency. The reporting and forecasting functions also help you turn date into actionable insights that inform your decision-making.

A strength of Salesforce CRM ® is its ability to function on mobile devices. This mobile usability allows your sales team to make use of the software in the field in real time.   Doing so can also allow your team to maximize the time they spend in meetings with the clients – leading to a more engaged service for the customer.

Lumen can build Salesforce CRM ® into your custom solution, and ensure that it is implemented correctly. We will then guide you every step of the way – ensuring your business can use Salesforce CRM ® to inform your decision making.

Salesforce CRM ® allows you to monitor your sales and marketing activities with an easy to use interface. Its ability to be used on mobile devices makes it a good choice for mobile sales forces.

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